The Macaroniian Fables/tales book! difficulty: 1/10 or 🟩 [WIP] Volume: 1

check the wix mod request chat ;3

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(>:D) it was a trap! this was not the actual b-day surprise! it was just a notification game crasher! >:3 (dont worry lol im making the actual surprise later when i have mo time)

I never got any spam notifications lol.
(currently trying to find and sent all my art to my email I made specifically for gkc)

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(>:0) wut it shoulve detected the kat in ur name with block code!! my trap fail3d :frowning:


can ask if some one can help me with I don’t what to add

my bad i was testing in music class, not like that, like barrier art or floor art of them!

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soooooo what are we talking about?

read bro and noice B+

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Screenshot 2024-05-13 4.14.49 PM

whada ya mean WHAT?

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Screenshot 2024-05-13 4.20.02 PM

What do you mean by THAT?!?!?!?
Ok back on topic now

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i did know what @NoTimeToBleedQQ was saiding lol

u said what r we talking about and I said bro read as in read THE COMMENTS

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i dont know what they mean dying of laughter


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better luck next time!
i’ll bring some cheer-up cheese for ya



(nomnomnomnomnom) tasty :3
but i´ll get you sometime this year >:3

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off-topic, but Deku said that you were going to make a thumbnail for me - sorry for off - topic