The Macaroniian Fables/tales book! difficulty: 1/10 or 🟩 [WIP] Volume: 1

off-topic, but Deku said that you were going to make a thumbnail for me - sorry for off - topic

Note that this is not a wiki, so you only have 30 days (or 7 if TL1 but your mostly likely TL2) to finish this- oh who am i kidding? This is pretty much common knowledge at this point here, lad!

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im a meber now what does that mean

You can like, reply, and flag more per day ig

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I know right???
:scream: :scream: :exploding_head: :exploding_head:

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Yay! It’s Kat’s real Birthday!!


(confuzzled kat here)
Ig I could do it…
but it’s another thumbnail takeover…

(screenshotted may 14, at 8:41 central time)

we could discuss this somewhere else, as I would prefer.
you can email me at
and I’ll respond sometime tomorrow
(since that email is only available to me on specific days)

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my post in the picture in FNAG Thumbnail help with design

please don’t give any off-topic comments in this post.
(and don’t bring thumbnails over here please )
*cough cough

if you need an idea on what could be considered on-topic on my post then lemme just suggest :

  1. suggestions on what I should add
  2. terrain art for this guide
  3. bumps (yey)

and don’t try to chat, or ask me to view your art request.
(I probably won’t go look at it. I’m on break guys, chill. even tho I may do one, or two if I feel like doing it)

if you drive just a tad bit off-topic, add something that’s on-topic in that same post.
so at least some of it is on topic

sooory @Kat_aronii :pleading_face: :pleading_face: :pleading_face:

hey i’m in that picture!

about the gimkit wix how do you sign up sorry about getting way off topic

bumping this topic
cuz I really think people should contribute!

(aaaand I’ve been getting so many hazbin hotel shorts after mir mir’s post :sob: :no_mouth:)
( just click the long button on the wixsite, the you should be able to sign up)

and thx to everyone who said “happy birthday” to me!

and maybe there should be a terrain and barrier art tag, since now there’s an art category (so no one gets confused!)

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Maybe do P3ss n Boots Characters?

Its your Birthday, and we want you to have fun!
Happy Birthday Kat!

Happy birthday!

Sorry I was 2 days late… taking a small break from the forums and lowering my activity till Monday, and I was really busy. But better late then never, right?

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