The Macaroniian Fables/tales book! difficulty: 1/10 or 🟩 [WIP] Volume: 1

young lads!
time before my eyes,
a new interest as arised!
creating stories with terrain,
thou shall read, learn, and add as they may!
diving into each chapter,
finding cheer and laughter.
making creativity in a way,
I hope you enjoy your stay!

I can’t post the tiny-winged magical beings! (words)

;-; dat sucks…

Tis, as all chapters are different stories! (if you see any codes, they’re invalid)
(say lad, if ch.1 is about people, then shall other chapters be different species!)

📖Chapter 1 (Human-like Characters🙋)

Yes, The ICONIC Shrek indeed!
what terrain do I need?

  • dungeon floor (green)
  • plastic (green)
  • dirt and cracked oak
  • blastball court
  • boardwalk
    1st, make the head outline;
    then, add the color:
    next, add the vest and rest of body outline:
    now, fill it in(final product):


Image I used for reference:
Shrek Pixel Art | Pixel art, Pixel art grid, Pixel art design


For reference:

we’re only going to do the head here!
what is needed:

Snow White(done)

for reference:

what you’ll need:
-water (regular and dark blue)
-dark scraps



📖 Chapter 2(Animals, and Dragons!🐻+🐉)
Donkey from Shrek

Image for reference:

what you’ll need:

📖Chapter 3 (underwater beings🧜)

Nothing here yet!

📖Chapter 4 (magical beings🧚)

Nothing here yet!

📖Chapter 5 (beings from above, and below👼+👿)

Nothing here yet!

📖Chapter 6 (idk yet)

Nothing here yet!

(anything related to folklore, fables, and tales can be added here! (there are many tale examples in shrek, for reference!)


None yet!

oi lad, just tellin’ ya, this is a work in progress (wip)
if thou wants me to add anything, please suggest!

( I could ask a regular to make this a wiki, so people can add things. :person_shrugging: we’ll see!)
if you lads enjoyed this guide, please consider liking it!


Ginger bread man with no buttons or legs like the movie.
“He ate my Gumdrop Buttons!”

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(happy fox noises) :3

Alright, koll.

but also maybe dragon related characters too?
like a viashino (google it its a close relative to a dragon I think)
and maybe a another pixel art dwagon :3

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I’m just waiting for Lord Farquad’s image.
Anyways, if this is all fairy tales, then are you adding other stuff, like Snow White, or Sleeping Beauty, or other magic Disney titles, or just Shrek? Cool with either one though.


Maybe try to do the Genie from Alladin.

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It’s going to be more than just Shrek,
I’m just trying to finish one category/story before going to the next chapter so I don’t get off-track.


I would recommend using barriers instead to get more color range. But other than that good tutorial. :slight_smile:

ah yes, the ultimate guide to shrek

because yes :3

for kat

how dare u steal my fox treat stealing rights D:<
[boops Kat and steals another badge but hmmmmm wut will be next your carrot badge? >:3]

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if it’s work in progress… you should put “[WIP]” in the title in case someone stumbles into this guide…

for me (using the images later)



Yeah! Gingerbread man!


caternaught (rip) has competition now!

super cool unfinished guide!


if anyone has any more suggestions,
I’ll add them as a dropdown with [wip until i get to it]
for the next few minutes.

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Nice WIP!

Excited to see the finished product.

This is great! But there are game codes in your screenshots.

shrek is the best!

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