Thumbnail request needed

What? Did someone say something about food?

3…2…1… magic!

(If u want me to change the name just tell me :slight_smile: )

@margimkitcreator what’s the name of your game?

may or may not be guilty of yeeting the test dummy because it fell on my fox treats 0.o
[hehe YEET]


wait kinda off-topic is there an organization for foxes like the dragon thing

that is not nice, you should probably edit that out

yes it´s called OFT (operation fox treat) it´s lead by me however i´ve not called a meeting since forever lol anyways enough of dat im going back to admiring the art yall guys made :3

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just read ur bio does cc know

idk if this counts but in C-C 's profile it says “exclusive seller of limited edition fox treats” or something like that

I’ll delete it but Im not wrong


(>:0) ima call a meeting on da wix hehehehe

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The Macaroniian Fables/tales book! difficulty: 1/10 or 🟩 [WIP] Volume: 1 - #47 by Oso567 ← look :smiley:

No… Its just bad.

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ok…ay… I’m still confused, but don’t explain it’s fine.

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back anyway thanks for the thumbnail i can finally publish my map as i found the thumbnail i needed.

i was gonna use more then one thumbnail btw so don’t worry

the name was city jump runners



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Mine isn’t very good, but it’s my first time. Hope I get better! Anyway, here it is:

wait i thought the requirements were 10 gims? Did i do myn wrong?

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I DIDN’t NOTICE I THOUGHT HE HAD 10 IT WAS ACTUALLY 9 MY BAD thanks for the lookout @Dodge_Fox