Thumbnail request needed

How are we supposed to beat those??

this is my most recent thumbnail…that’s terrible compared to yours…

Thanks for saying that!

sorry i left anyway thumbnails are allowed idc about what gims u can use any gims

@WolfTechnology @Dustie-Bunns

u need proof? here
Screenshot 2024-05-13 1.34.56 PM
Screenshot 2024-05-13 1.30.22 PM


i know a guy

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I’m trying to make a thumbnail can someone link the guide with all the gims/gadgets and their prjectiles?

I @margimkitcreator I can do for you!
I use adobe photoshop for my thumbnails
I also need a little more detail

Work I've done
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nvm i found it

its not very good, but i had stuff to do so i just made a quick thumbnail for you.

oh, and i’m not a person who’s trying to ruin forums, I just was told that they aren’t aloud

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No prob, I’m horrible compared to u fr tho, that’s not just meant to be a compliment it’s the truth

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Since you guys are showing off your thumbnails, heres mine:
Screenshot (41)
I cant cook, the food was so horrible.

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What? Did someone say something about food?

3…2…1… magic!

(If u want me to change the name just tell me :slight_smile: )

@margimkitcreator what’s the name of your game?

may or may not be guilty of yeeting the test dummy because it fell on my fox treats 0.o
[hehe YEET]


wait kinda off-topic is there an organization for foxes like the dragon thing

that is not nice, you should probably edit that out

yes it´s called OFT (operation fox treat) it´s lead by me however i´ve not called a meeting since forever lol anyways enough of dat im going back to admiring the art yall guys made :3

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just read ur bio does cc know