Thumbnail request needed

hey I need a thumbnail for my map I boutta published and I tried to make one. it was so bad I had to delete it 10 times already and restart so I need a thumbnail.

here are the thumbnail requirement it need to be something that is like a city in the air on a cloud with 10 gim from all direction jumping toward it!

and uh I don’t got 10 gims or time to grind. plus it be hard to grind due to … restrciton by gimkit.

probably will see this tomorrow tho

Okay! Do you want any specific Gims?

Unfortunately, thumbnail requests aren’t allowed on the forums.

Don’t worry, there back allowed again.

Sorry, but thumbnail requests aren’t allowed anymore. Ask somewhere else, like on the wix or a padlet. I hope you get an answer!

@KrishnaVA You sure?

Since when?

Here is an email @ShadowDragon44

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That is to say, we are trying to keep thumbnail requests to a bare miniumn.

Hm, but i thought the community collectively decided that they were off-topic. That specifically says gk staff, and thumbnails and art are not the the same as requests.

They were never off topic anyways. They are about building GKC. Plus, you need a good thumbnail for people to play your game.

they are allowed :slight_smile:


They are, jeff said so that’s why some have appeared lately.


The reason why I said you need to keep requests to a bare miniumn is because if you can’t access the Padlet, Wix, or discord, then ask here. When I mean you can’t access it, I mean if you REALLY can’t access it.

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Oh, I guess they aren’t banned

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so they are allowed now?


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that’s your opinion

Idk, it just seemed like they were. Whatever…


shoot that was cringe sry

Yep. Anyway, want any specific Gims, @margimkitcreator?

it should bring artist like props back to the forum and a little more activity to it as a whole.