The Better Gimkit Creative Tutorial

Hello GimCreators.

Today I present a guide to you that is a better version of the default gimkit creative tutorial.
So here we go.

What is Gimkit Creative

Gimkit Creative is a way that YOU the community can make your own maps inside of Gimkit. You can then share these maps with your friends via showcase links, or even publish them on gimkit.

The Add button

You'll Find this button located in the top right corner or you can press e

Terrain is well. Terrain is the floors & walls of your map there are so many to choose from that you can make so many cool designs with them. Experiment around with terrains and other stuff like that. You can also assign layers to terrain but will get on that here in a second.


Here’s the big button devices are how you add mechanics into your gimkit creative game Ill link the ultimate guides to every device guides these will give you a basis on every device in the game


These are things like boats and tables and the other stuff you may see in gimkit 2D modes these are 3Dish props to add into your game in these props you can customize there shadows, collision, and more. There are hundreds of props to choose from so go crazy.


There are 2 types of ways you can connect 2 devices together the first option is wires which this button opens the wire configuration for you or you can press z, but anyhow to use these connect 2 devices together and select the options you want. The other option is channels which are in each device’s settings. Some devices will have an option like Run Wire Pulse Block will touch on that here in a moment.

So yeah that’s basically it for the add button lets move onto the next button.

The Eraser Button

You'll Find this button located in the top left it's the button that looks like an eraser, or you can press q there's an eraser mode button below I have all the options for those.

This allows you to erase anything and everything in your gimkit game.


This one will allow you to erase only the terrain we talked about earlier this is good for if you have devices or wires in the way. You can also change the size of it when selecting the terrain option. As well as select the layer of terrain you want to delete.

Props & Devices

This allows you to only erase the Props and Devices inside of your game.


This allows you to only erase the wires inside of your game.

The Layers Button

The layers button is very unique as it allows you to layer your devices and props. There are 3 layers Above, Primary, and Below


This layer is above players which means that if a player walks into it with a collision off on the prop they will go beneath it. This is useful for creating objects that players can hide under.


This one will go Above or Below the player depending on their position. This is the default one for most interactive devices like buttons, triggers, and more.


This layer is below the player which means that if a player walks into it with a collision off on the prop they will be above it. This is useful for creating objects that you want player to not be able to go under it and hide.

The Settings Button

This button will allow you manage settings on your game that are useful to gimkit
Map Options

These are options that will affect how your game is played


This are the featured settings like
Background Terrain: This is the lowest terrain this terrain will be shown when there is no terrain.
Game Clock: This allows you to set a time for your game
Music Track: This allows you to have background music in your game
Allow Solo Play: This allows you to let the host play just by themselves or do they have to have someone else.


These are team settings like:
Teams: This allows you to set the team mode
Late players joi n Spectators: This allows you to set if people who joi n after the host starts if they joi n the spectators or not
Ally/Enemy Indicators: This allows people to see if enemies or allies
Allow Game Host to Spectate: Sometimes the host doesn’t wanna play so this option allots for that

Health & Shield

These are settings that allow you to manage health and shield options like
Max Health & Shield: These allow you to set the maximum for health and shield
Starting Health & Shield: These allow you to set what players start with in your game
Show Health and Shield: This allows you to show the health and shield bars in the game
Spawn Immunity: This allows you to set how long after a player dies that they are immune from damage.
PVP Damage enables: This allows the player to damage others


These are score settings like
Use leaderboard: This enables or disables the use of a leaderboard
Score Type: This is what is tracked by the scoreboard
Score Name: This is the name of the score on the leaderboard
Score Group: This is if you wanna score it via individuals or teams
Leaderboard Sort Mode: This allows you to sort it via High to Low or Vise Versa
Show leaderboard on Game End: This is if you wanna show the leaderboard apon the game being ended
Show Placement: This is if you want to show what a user placed on the leaderboard apon the game being ended


These are item settings like
Item Slots: How many slots the player has on their hotbar
Infinite Refills: If the players require the item to refill their weapons or if it’s infinite
Refill Duration: If the refill is default for that weapon or if its instant
Allow Gadget/Consumable/Resource Drop: Allows players to drop items from their inventory
Gadget/Item/Resource Respawn Behavior: When a player dies should they keep the item or should it disappear


These are UI Settings like
Disable Knockout from Activity Feed: The activity feed isn’t really known as much but its like the kill feed in other popular battle royale games. This setting is if you want knockout phrases when a player knocks out another.

Editing Options

These are settings that will make your life easier when editing your map like
Camera Zoom: This zooms you camera in and out in editing mode
Player Collision: Allows you to walk through walls in editing mode
Player Speed: Make your speed higher or lower in editing mode
Grid Snap: Props and Devices will automatically snap to a grid which is good for making things look symmetrical
Show Grid: Shows the grid on grid snap
Zone Device Display: Zone’s are devices in the game but you can show certain things in them which makes it easier to see
Memory Bar: You have about 100,000 Memory in your gimkit games and everything takes up that memory this will allow you to see that bar even if you memory is below 75%


This allows you to publish your gimkit games to the discovery page and make it accessible to everybody. You must have 50+ total level-ups and have 1,000 Gimbucks

Showcase & Save

Showcase: This allows you to create a 7 day valid link that allows people to play and host your game
Save: You’re game gets autosaved every few minutes but you can manually save your game by clicking it


You can have anyone joi n your editing session using the joi n code this allows you to help you
Adding: Allows them to use the adding button
Removing: Allows them to use the eraser button
Editing: Allows players to adjust wire, devices, and prop settings
Blocks: Allows them to edit and write block code in devices

Documentation & Help

Allows you to access this forum and the docs for help on your gimkit projects.

The Play Button

This allows you to test your game as if you were hosting it live


Welp that's it for everything on gimkit and how to make your own awesome games. If you have any questions or feedback be sure to reply down below.
PS: You can also copy by pressing c, move by pressing m (You can also lock to horizontal and vertical by pressing h or v respectfully credit to @TorontoBulls1 for making it known)



I really appreciate the time and effort you put into this. The result is a very good guide for beginners. Also how long did it take you to write all that!?

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Nice guide! I think you should add that you can press z to make wires.

Um I started writing this at 7:40 this morning

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I did I think is it not there

Oh oof. I looked specifically to see if you had that there, and it turns out I didn’t look close enough…

You’re fine, I always appreciate feedback. Let me know if you have anymore.

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Did you add holding H and V for horizontal and vertical movement lock?

Really good guide, @Brayden_Shelton!

You might want to add concepts to prepare new gims to make complex maps. But then it might turn into a copy of other guides…

No but I will now thanks

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Np (out of likes)

Thats what I feared I figured that this guide would be like a basic tutorial and they can go look up things on here for more information on specific concepts.

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@TorontoBulls1 @getrithekd Im also making a kitpvp game that i’ll be releasing on the wix site and on discovery page (once I get it)

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Nice guide! You might want to add some pictures for new users

True but I didn’t want to make it 2 cluttered.

this is not in any way better (and if anything, worse) than this guide:

and please, please, please fix your grammar, AHHHHHHHHH


But mine is more centered for beginners. Also as for my grammer what do you suggest I think my grammer is fine

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I think actually the other one is more polished. No offense.