Text Operations (collab w/ getrithekd, wip, dont click or edit please)

A keycode reserved for SHIFT, CAPSON, CAPSOFF

Then during decoding it can be accounted for

Right now, we’re just encoding, not implementing a keyboard.

Functions would be vital for decoding, since we need 42 if/elses.

Do We Understand Functions?
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How do you make a function in gimkit again?

Also, we can put every single key you can type on a standard keyboard, since there are 46 keys, and including the shift and capslock keys thats 49, and log_49(10^14) = 8.2

The guides are here:
Guide 2:

Guide 1:

Nice! Let me calculate the wiggle room we have.

Here: 6.6767069e+13
We can easily fit a standard number property in here.

How did you get that number, and why do we need to fit a standard number property in?

Its just to fit more data and save a property. I took 10^14-49^8.

I… don’t know how your functions guide works.

So now we gotta get the math for all of this…

Not again!!! Sorry. Its just so frustrating for me.

So we have an input property that when it changes, broadcasts on a channel. The channel goes to a trigger that does stuff to that property and it spits out into an output property that broadcasts on a channel when changed.

I prefer not using the broadcast on channel when changed, since if you input the same property in twice, then it doesn’t run the second time.

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pretends to understand how that works

also in what world do you pull
this formula out of your rear end.

also, what do logs and mods and floors have to do with anything


logs and mods have to do with everything with bases!

tell me everything about what you’re trying to do now, from he start to finish

Ok. Just wait a minute.

this is why i love you and blackhole927 (do not take this out of context)



So we are using digits to represent characters. The largest digit value + 1 is the base we are using. To get the nth digit, we have to mod out all the digits representing the larger values. After that, we divide by the value that represents the digit we want. We still have crumbs from the smaller digit values, so we floor it.

Now that I think of it, for ONLY pure finding the nth digit, flooring isn’t necessary if you use greater than while decoding.

Wait that was just the thing for flooring and mods. Do you want the intuition for the other stuff? If no, then bad for you.

In CS, strings (text) are represented as lists of characters. And now it should make sense.