Summer Guides #1 (How To Make A Beach)⬜

Hello! Welcome to my first official guide! This will be part of a collection of summer-tropical themed guides, and this is the debut. So, for my first guide, today I am going to show you how to make a beach. This will also be the lobby for my summer-battle game, but you might want to see how I made it! It’s easy!

First, lay out some sand terrain. You can add as much as you’d like! Make sure you are using the correct layers so your sand won’t look weird! (There are guides to layering terrain.) Also, don’t fill up the entire space with sand. Leave some blank space in between so you can add water later on.

Next, use water to fill up the empty spaces! You can add props inside the water to make it look better! Also, make sure to edit the visibility of the objects so they look underwater! If you do, it’ll just look like it’s standing on the water.

This is the part where you can do whatever you want. Add props like coral, sand, and summer plants outside the water! You can see I’ve added an orange and watermelon stand so players can collect fruit! You can add shovels, buckets, shells, and more things!

Add anything else and expand the terrain! I’ll be using this for my game, but maybe I’ll add something else along the path!

Thanks for reading this guide! Hopefully more guides will come soon! Keep being creative!
California Love


Nice art guide! (The ideas tag is only used for posts that need ideas)

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Thanks! I’ll change it!

Great guide! You should probably add a volleyball court, beach chairs, a lifeguard chair (maybe?), and a sun umbrella as this beach looks very empty. Although it could be a natural untouched beach.


Am I the only person who put’s barriers over things in water?


Nope. I use it because I think it is sort of tedious to change the alpha when there are multiple. I also use it with boats because otherwise they are just floating above the water.


Yeah, I use the layer to put the boat over the barrier.

:teddy_bear: My first guide! I literally had NO idea about anything in GKC!
:bear: bear bump™ :bear:

you should use barriers to make waves and the sand to be inclind.

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Ah, yeah, I wish you would’ve said that five months ago.
I can’t edit it anymore, but I might do a remastered version pretty soon.

that or message pharlain to make it a wiki.

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It’s all right. It was my first guide.
I don’t want to change it because it’s very special.

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