Summer Guides #2 (How To Make A Fruit Box/Stand) ⬜

Hello! Welcome to another :beach_umbrella: Summer guide! Today I am going to show you how to make a fruit stand that gives fruit! It’s another easy guide.
Before we begin, make sure you have already seen my other guide, if you haven’t already!

Other Guides

First, add a fruit stand prop. Since there are only certain types of fruits you can actually use in game, there are limited options. I’m using oranges. (You can also either use grapes, watermelon, or the other available fruits.)

Add an item granter next to the fruit stand so players can receive the fruit. Make sure it’s the right type of fruit, the same as the fruit stand. If you have a fruit that’s not available to grant, you can try a few other ones.

Next, add a button in front of the fruit stand so players can interact with it. Make sure it has a good hitbox.

Make the button invisible so players can’t actually see it.
Screenshot 2023-11-27 2.00.07 PM
Now add a wire that connects the button to the item granter! Make sure it has these options.

Here are some mistakes you could make when doing this.

Wrong Item

Make sure to use an item granter and not an item spawner!

Wrong Fruit

Make sure to use matching fruit! That means if you use a watermelon stand, use a watermelon item granter! The box is only a prop and not an actual item that can be used.


Make sure it is Button pressed :fast_forward: grant item, and not Run wire pulse block

If you did everything right, great job!

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There you have it! Now you can go and have your own fruit! Comment your thoughts and maybe suggestions for what guides I can make next!

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Nice guide!

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Good guide, @California_Love!

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Nice Guide!

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nice guide! you could also combine this with the market stands they added to make it look more cool


Thanks for the suggestion!

I appreciate all of the good comments! Thank you so much!

Isn’t this basically a loot crate/loot box but with a fruit box?
Nice guide though!
(So many box, box box!)


Cool guide @California_Love!

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:teddy_bear:My second guide! It’s been nearly half a year…
:bear: bear bump™ :bear:

Yeah, this was just as imcompetent…