Next Guide Ideas?

Hey. Just making this post for a poll. Which guide to do next!

Next Guide for me
  • Baldi’s Basics Guides— mystery character
  • Explained Device Guide—
  • [REMASTERED] Summer Guide
  • Easy Concept–Way Guide
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Or other guides in my genre. Votes close in about three hours or so. I want to make guides that the majority would agree with. Thanks! :white_check_mark:

if u havent done a bedwars guide, then can u do it id like to build one of those

Yeah, I think bedwars would be a good guide! But a lot of people have done it already. Maybe you could do skyblock/skywars?

Oh, no, I’ve never played that. I don’t play roblox as much as I used to.

Wait, Roblox has skywars?

Uh–I’m not sure…

I wouldn’t recommand doing another guide about devices because I think we got them all covered and some in multiple ways, but what do you mean by " [Remastered] Summer Guide?" Also, what’s “Easy Concept-Way Guide?”

The first two guides I made when I came here, highly inexperienced. They could use some improvements, made long ago.

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Aww! :blush: Now I know that everyone likes Baldi’s Basics guides! I’m giving more time.


Closes Monday!!!