So... I'm making classic gamemode in GKC but it's 2d and I need help on how to make it, and I want it to have all the shop upgrades and power--ups and I don't know how to do it

I don’t know how to do the upgrades and power-ups and need help with the look, so… yeah help please

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Please elaborate. I do not get what you’re saying.

I’m trying to make a map that’s basically Gimkit Classic but 2d where your team has to have the most money like the actual one and I’m wondering how to do the upgrades and power-ups

Use a new questioner when you buy the powerups.

Vending machines. When the item is bought, activate a speed modifier or actviate a damage boost, or give a better gadget.

Oh ok, I’m going to try it

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Not like that, powerups that increase how much money you gain, lose, save, and multiply it

If it works, then please mark a solution.

Make it a property, update the property when you buy the upgrade. Then, make an item granter give the amount of cash the property is. (Using blocks, I can explain more.)

I remember Josh actually said that while it took him several months to create the first version of Gimkit it would only take a few hours to re-create Classic in GKC.

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I could make classic quite easily.

thanks, do have any other advice for it

No, do you need help with inplementing the block code or properties?

I think so, maybe :confused: maybe you can help me with it by going on it to help me

Well, to do this properly, you need the proper system. When you get a question right, transmit to an item granter. That item granter needs to run block code, which should be like this: Multiplier(CashPerQ)+ N(Streak). This is four properties, so let’s break it down. All of these properties (except for N) will be changed by an IIM for sake of ease. Multiplier is the multiplier upgrade, that multiplies all cash, in or out. (I think, forgot a bit.) CashPerQ is the money per question upgrade. Streak is the streak upgrade, which is how much extra money you get per each right question in a row. N is your actual streak. This increases by one whenever you get a question right, and resets whenever you get one wrong. You could purchase the upgrades with vending machines or a popup shop. Just make sure you clear the players inventory of the item before you grant them the extra amount! What the actual item granter code would go like would be something like this: First, grant the player Multiplier(CashPerQ) +N(Streak) cash. Then, increase N by one. If you got a question wrong however, the process would be slightly different. You would still need an item granter running block code, but instead grant this: -round down( (Multiplier(CashPerQ))/ Insurance). Insurance is updated like every other property. After that part runs, it needs to set the N Property to 0, resetting your streak. Hope this helps! FYI: both item granters need to grant cash.

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