{📰 Resources} Resources for Gimkit Creative's limits

This guide will give you links to good guides to look at when you think you have limits:

The limit for the Gimkit Creative memory is: 100,000 memory.

Ways to reduce you memory to allow you to expand your limits:

This guide is to let you know that there is only one thing that holds you back when making a map and that’s memory. That’s right. You can do anything in Gimkit Creative or in anything else if you really put your mind to it.
A smart thing I came up with, “Limits are goals, but not goals are reachable, but if you reach all your goals you’ll have no limits.”
(If any of these guides are outdated or incorrect please let me know. Also, if you have a guide you’d like added I’d love to hear it).


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Regarding your poll, it is often more effective to see public opinion if you make the votes hidden…

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Thank you, I fixed it.

Because gimkit is Turing complete, the only thing stopping you is memory. Simple as that.


Um, what is the purpose of this, though?

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Oops, put that in their on accident because my control c and v thing was on it.

I hate to be the person to ask this but...

Wdym when you say “Turing complete”


why is there a scroll in the title and not the other thing?

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If you don’t want to read the wikipedia article, it means that anything that runs on a computer can be made in gimkit.


Okay makes sense!
Edit - I read the Wikipedia article

ba bumb™
my friend reading this while staring at their map that is at 20% memory because of the terrain alone: :slight_smile:

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Also someone should update the guides to have checkpoints