Randomizer still not working (acidentally clicked solution)

I added a repeater but its still not working.

Maybe instead of a trigger starting it have a lifecycle waiting for the game to start?

its meant to be a randomizer and I dont mean for the players to have the weapon at the game start

Oh, okay.Maybe a zone to do it?

Idk how that would work is there a guide I can read??

wait like this??

Maybe try using one of these guides and modify it from there?

im not really sure how to modify different systems with other guides

You sadly have to restart the whole system to make one.

I already said that on the first help post.

There’s another one? (Wait found it nvm)

if Im honest I just gave the players a choice of which weapon to use so I dont need the randomizer at all at this point

Is there a way to change what the vending machine calls it?

wait I could just use buttons-

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Yeah, like that.

fixed. alright this should do the trick

Make sure to mark a solution!

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soooo… the weapon is unusable in the arena and I need help fixing that.

By unusable, what do you mean?

I think he or she means is impossible to use it