Randomizer not working

I used a trigger with block code but something is wrong with the output

It depends on what you are trying to randomize, but here are guides that explain how to make randomizers for all different occasions.

what is wrong with it?

I connected it to a vending machine with a wire to give the player a random weapon but its doing nothing

Did you use this guide?

or this guide?

Or no guide at all.

I used the second guide

also sorry for being a bit flaky I´m juggling three things at once

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Ok so were are you getting stuck on.

it says I need to do something with the input and output but I cant find either

That is not in the clock code, more or less the devices wired to the repeater. Because that is input and output.

okaaay so how do I get it to work with the vending machine?

When item purchased(input), begin repeater function

I´m using a trigger but I assume I should connect it to a repeater?
(the repeater doesn’t have the block function)

yes, you should, but the guide is a bit vague so it does not give much info on what was used.

I dont have begin repeater function…

That means start repeater, its just a more formal way of saying it.

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ready for a playtest thank you

Your welcome, let me know if you need more help.

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