Racing rank/position

Is it possible/ how would you detect the place of a racer in a racing game?

As of now, I don’t think you can really do it ALL the time, but you can have checkpoints that detect when a player crosses a certain area.


Is that a device?

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No, but zones that detect when you cross them


or triggers that trigger when you run over them

Or this:

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I’m working on a map that detects the winner by deleting a zone as soon as someone goes in it.

You can represent all the positions in a race with a property set to a scope of player. Copy paste a zone that increases that property by one on entry all over the race track. To prevent people from running back and forth and still processing, have 0.9 be subtracted from their score when they exit the zone.

To figure which player is in first:
Place two properties with global scope, one named HighestScore, the other named HighestScoreName

Then, relay for all players to trigger a trigger. In the trigger have block code that checks if the property is greater than HighestScore. If so, set highestscore to the property, and set highestscore name to triggering players name.


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