Question About Animatronic Movement And Randomizing

Hi, so I’m making a FNAF style game. Basically, I made this animatronic out of a TON of props and I’m too lazy to do a lot of wires so I literally got a bunch of leaves to cover all the possible spots the animatronic can be. If you don’t understand what I’m saying, basically: I built the animatronic in a bunch of spots and because I’m too lazy to wire them all together so when one animatronic is shown, every single other prop in the other animatronic disappears, I just covered some of them with leaves.

How do I code/place items such that when one shows, all other piles of leaves disappear(only if it’s without wires)?

How can I code it so that:

  • In the start, only one animatronic is showing
    -Then, after a randomized amount of seconds (within a set range), the animatronic will “move” to an adjacent position
  • Only one leave pile will disappear at a time

This is pointless because Jeffo said himself that FNAF type maps aren’t allowed as they are not kid friendly.

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Yeah, I’m just making an easier version that my sister can play because she loves FNAF, but she’s kinda scared of it. I’m not going to publish it or anything

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Where did he say this? Could you provide a link please?

He didn’t say it on the forums (I think), it was somewhere else.

Does this work?

That might work, I’ll try! Thanks

yeah it was on the discord as shown here

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No. You aren’t allowed to make references to FNAF. But you are allowed to make a game just like it, without FNAF references.

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I don’t think this works because what I’m looking for is not an animation thing