Can you help me make a thumbnail?

It’s for my FNAF map. I also need one for my capture the flag map, Waterfront Frontier. (it takes place on the beach.)

I like it! However, it is FNAF 1, not fnaf 4. This is good, though!

Guys no FNAF references in published games.


maybe you could make a knock-off name like 6 nights at sally’s (i don’t know i just was saying something you could probably think of something better) so you don’t get your game removed because of what getrithekd said up there ^

has this been solved? or do you still need a thumbnail? If so, I could make one for you @BananaBoi345 .

Sorry for the (REALLY) late reply! I would like a thumbnail for my game. It’s called One Night At BananaBoi’s. Thanks a lot!


and I also need one for my capture the flag game, waterfront fronteir.

Of course, could you give me an image of the background you want tho?

Hi there! I know I am a little late, do you still need a thumbnail?

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wy me

Why don’t we close this topic, @BananaBoi345, and use the one @GimSolver posted 2 mins ago.

well, we can suggest to people to close a topic but we can’t tell people to mark a specific post

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For Gimsolver only

i didn’t. I just told him to mark a solution. Any solution

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I didn’t say that he had to choose a specific post.


Were do I go to ask for a good, not thrown images thumbnail? I need one for a project.

I can make one! I hand draw them

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try mentioning him.

Oh yeah, forgot to do that

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