Possible Space Elevator Game

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@GimNo0b, it’s this:

Does that seem possible to recreate in GKC? :thinking:

Possibly, if you have platformer

I do have Platformer.

So you want it to be so they will pass the things in the air also you could use the teleporters to make them go up

Or you could use zones, and when the player’s in a certain zone they teleport higher

Yes, exactly! If I do it, [1] should I make it so you have to climb up props or make a memory-consuming elevator?

  1. This post is just b/c I want to know if it’s possible & not a waste of time. ↩︎

The props would be kind of repetitive kind of like this and if you fell that would be annoying

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How so? :thinking:

jump up one then jump up other that’s the exact same and then this goes on forever

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Is there any way I could make it unrepetitive?

Like a parkour up to the top instead of a elevator

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Okay… are there even any elevator guides?
Edit: I found this & I think I could improve upon it:

I should probably wait until Josh releases the new space background from Knockback, right, @GimNo0b? :thinking:

or I could make you one out of barriers I mean look at my name

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Okay… if you can make a good enough space background, I’ll make the game. Okay? :smile_cat:

@Blackhole927, who in the forum do you think knows the most about space-themes in GKC & space facts in general? :thinking:

Also, how was the AP test?

I have no earthly clue.

The AP test went well, the free response was fun!


Whaaa? What dat mean?

That’s good. Personally, I prefer the multiple choice, but bravo! :+1:

Nvm, I just realized u meant clue.

Do u know anything about space b/c of your name, @Blackhole927? :milky_way:

I know some stuff, not a ton though. What do you need to know?

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