Possible Space Elevator Game

You could use top-down, and just place a barrier while they “scroll”( or whatever it is they do in space elevator) and just add pictures using text or barrier art. If you do platformer, you could spam a bunch of teleporters or use stairs or make them jump themselves. You should use a camera view. Those are awesome.

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I think I’ll do that. :smile_cat:

Maybe just some facts about space you know? Fun facts.:balloon:

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why does that even matter lol, knowing space facts ≠ (does not equal) being good at gkc or making space games, like sure it might help a bit with art but at the end of the day they dont really correspond

also it’s entirely possible, youre just gonna need a heck lot of teleporters, buttons, barriers and text

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Most of my space knowledge revolves around black holes so:

  • Blackholes can spin, and every one we’ve found so far does
  • A spinning Blackhole has a ringularity, not a singularity (a ring-shaped singularity)
  • Eisenstein’s relativity equations show white holes as existing, although none of them have been found
  • Falling into a Blackhole is the same as falling into the future, for weird space-time reasons.
  • Because the center of a blackhole is in the future, as you fall in you’ll see the whole universe speed up
  • When you pass the event horizon of a black hole, you’ll just freeze from the perspective of an outside observer and fade away. (Although from your perspective you’ll keep falling)
  • Blackholes usually aren’t that big themselves, but they exert a large gravitational pull despite this, keeping galaxies together.

(Some of this may be wrong, I’m not an expert)

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Okay, let me rephrase - I’m more looking for info about what heights things are at within the Karman Line. Do you know anything about that? :thinking:

I’m recreating this game by neal.fun:

I have no earthly clue lol- as I said, I know stuff about black holes and that’s it haha.

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Nvm, I decided not to make this game. Thanks for the help, everyone! :smile:

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