Platforming Height Overlay

from the top to bottom? what do i connect it to?

Actually, I figured it out based on what you said, you place it at the top.

But when a waypoint is tracking a player, how does it work?

How to put the height in an overlay? this is how it looks:

And maybe a property, and subtract the waypoint from 1000?

@ABCD the highet limit is 633 Platformer limit 630, not 1000 - #48 by Lostsea3

and 630. Also, how do we have credibility?

no its 633 after someone did more research he was close but idk what crediblility your talking about

But how would you convert the distance you are away from the waypoint into usable data?
Waypoints don’t have blocks and their distance value can’t be synced with properties. (Ooh, that would be a good suggestion to nolt)

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just check out the link i put they did lots of math lots and found a lot of things like how fast you fall or how fast you run

all credit to
@Coolcaden26 and @Txme_Lxss


why though…? ohhh i see now mb and i bumped this thing too…

Come on Gimkit! Why did you need to make things so hard?

Trust me, things in gimkit are easy if you look at it in a different way.

If you think you can make things easier, give me 1000 height.

Coordinate system

Bruh what about dLd remake?

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