Platforming Height Overlay

How do you add height to Creative Platforming?

Maybe look at this topic:

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You would have to have some sort of one dimensional coord system, like a series of lasers going up or something. Unless you really need it though, it’s impractical, and I wouldn’t recommend it.

I can give a code thru Canva and someone could help? It doesn’t work that way @THEHACKER120

Oh ok…

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How do you add the way point?

Do they not have a waypoint added to platforming GKC yet? I don’t have access to that right now.

Well, you can never add a waypoint to an object i tried, in all of them!

hey @ABCD what happend to the canva

also its early beta a good amount of things will be missing and things that are there will be buggy add it to nolt so that maybe they will because waypoints were not added till after the game got redone a third time

(first was to hard so the redid it and the second one was amazing, after that they redid it a third time adding in so features that may be missing right now)

my solution is that make a zone checking for if they have passed through it. if they have you can open a portal at the begining of the game that only they can telaport through back to the highet they were at

another one is make a zone checker to check if they have triggered if they have change the property of this spawner so that they spawn there link that star in a bubble i mean that can also work.

and the final one is put a telaporter at where they respawn and it updates when the correct zone is triggered

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Maybe i could waypoint to a flag at the top? And the flag can be captured by a different team.

ya thats a good idea an object can work

there arent flags in the Platforming beta :sob:

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The Gimkit Team has a block that shows the player’s y-coordinate and I’m assuming they just repeat that block in a game overlay every few seconds or so. You can recreate something like this with zones but it’s very high-memory. I’d recommend just putting the approximated altitude per section of your games and showing it with a text device or updating it in a game overlay, so if your game was like DLD with summits, you could approximate summit 2 to be around ~200m.

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How do use a waypoint?

i don’t think there is but whatever those stars are lets put technical people on the line because we really don’t get the question

for abcd

what happend to the canva?

you can use zones I guess
currently what they use is a developer device hopefully it gets released soon

also @Lostsea3 since when was THEHACKER120 a technical person?

good question… idk we need a list people who can do what and help i’m really using people who i know have helped before in mine and others (i really don’t have that much)

umm, ig he is regular now, and he is kinda good at devices ig? but i think i am better at devices than him. (Sorry hcker120