Can you track how far up you are in DLD maps?

I have a map where if you fall a certain height you respond but I don’t know if you can track how high you are. Dose any one else know?

I don’t have the season pass, but probably. You’ll have to ask someone else though, but I’ll reply so this can be bumped back up.

Sadly you cannot, but that’s be a good idea for the Nolt. I may calculate it, but I really really don’t want to.

Heres an idea. Zone, and game overlay. When a player reaches that zone, it changes the game overlay to show the checkpoint your at.

Or a counter for every time you go up one block. Good idea

Edit: @MOON, thanks

put a waypoint to where you wanna end the tracking (maybe at the tippy top?)

@Captain-Gim You can with a whole bunch of triggers. to update an overlay.

Just a theory but I will try when I get plat

Thanks for the idea I’ll try!

You make it update a property.

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