(PATCHED) How to name your Sentries!

I re-tried my bug post where the sentries show names and it works for all names!

the code is invalid

Today I will show you how to make this named sentry!

Step 1

Grab yourself…
1 Counter
1 Sentry (name it anything you like)
and 1 Trigger
Time for Step 2!

Step 2

Place the trigger next to your spawning point with player collision on (for now)
Set that same trigger to send “channel1” to the counter to increment it
Place your counter anywhere you want
Set the counter to start at 0 and have a target value of 1
Set your counter to send “channel2” upon reaching the target
Have your counter reset when receiving on “channel2”

Step 3

Now it’s time to add your sentry!
Add your sentry anywhere you want (in sight of course)
Have your sentry deactivate when receiving on “channel1”
Have your sentry activate when receiving on “channel2”

Boom! you should have a sentry namer. :grin:


Do you have a method that always works for this?

I do actually, do you want to know it?

Yes. You could Possibly make a guide if it isn’t really easy and short

it is pretty short but could be useful


This is cool! How would this work, I would love to have it in my game. Could also actually troll people on fake or real gims.

should i switch this to community made guides after I add the steps?


This would be a good idea to use! I could try and name my governor in my game. :slight_smile:

I will add the steps now


This could have lots of uses

Displaying currently winning player

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Yes. But there is no rush so make it a good guide


you should name it ”the last form of sentry interactions”

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Or, “How to name your pet sentry!”

Just thought of it as a joke, but torontos is better in my opinion.

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Can’t you use text? Cool guide though.

Yeah, you could but how do you get the name outline?

Text stroke

Is the name font in the game?

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o cool!
is this some sort of bug?

I guess it is, but it could great for many maps

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Just combine this with sentry skin suppression and you have the ultimate troll!


How do you suppress the skin? i mean I have seen the sentry be a blue gim before but how do you purposely do it