Partially Functioning Chess! (Wiki for jjnitzan)

Yeah, it’s super cool. I can’t even figure out chess irl, props to @jjnitzan for making it in Gimkit.

i think there a chess board without the funcutions in gimkit?

you mean in props or…?

Yeah, and chess is pretty difficult to make.
There should also be notifications that show illegal moves, like capturing a pawn when a king is in check, (which he HAS to move in that case,) or a knight jumping somewhere it shouldn’t.

Also, make sure to include:

  • En Passant, (in-passing) [pawn only]
  • Castling (rook protecting King) [only when King hasn’t moved!]
  • Options for forking, skewering, (which are techniques)
  • Pawn moves two squares on the first move [pawns only!]
  • Pawn promotion [yes, this would take properties and chess pieces and popups]
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I have never played chess before but it looks like it’s fun to play. Are there any other board games possible to make in Gimkit Creative?

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Monopoly is one, but it’s a wip.


Ooh, I know! Maybe like the game of life.

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here are the ones i could find


Thanks @California_Love , @leo_flowers , and @vqnillaxx for the answers and suggestions to my question.

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If you are clever enough [1] you can take the general space moving system and use it in almost any game!

  1. and can understand my almost year-old rants otherwise known as guides ↩︎


The DnD isn’t the real game… It’s in the first sentence.

Working on it. Just finished with pawn movement rules, doing king last so I have an algorithm I can basically copy and paste to see if in check. I also might just make it so checkmate it taking the king (so in checkmate the king is forced to move and is taken.)


That’s my favorite broad game! It might be tricky to make the spinner though…

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Ok, here’s my basic plans for detecting check/mate.
When you move a piece, I use the recursion to check if it’s a valid move, right? So I can repeat that recursion on move (no loss of performance due to it happening after the board update), and store a square under threat as a 1, and a square not under threat as a 0. There’s then an algorithm (though I can’t do it from memory), to see if the king is under check or not based on it’s position in said string of numbers.

Also @ClicClac is completely correct that this system will work in pretty much any game lol. This guide is kinda a bunch of neat systems bunched together.

A screenshot I call pain of block code (75 block limit makes compression hard):

Counters really are some of the most useful devices in the game btw.


Sort of. I can’t access wix for a while sadly. I just had a funny idea. We should either take the original WeMustRevolt alt I made to cause changes and make it an admin/mod (similar to 1000 member troll), and I can use the account to pin a random comment.

If you wouldn’t trust me with admin/mod on the site, then you could create and admit a new account with the same name, then give that account admin (you’d just have to maintain to my speech patterns).

Yes, it’s a dumb idea. But if we did something like that without telling anyone else, then we could have some funny moments.

Wow, that looks really good. Too bad I don’t understand it. But, why all of the variables? Are they equal to properties? Also, the code reminds me of the wip checker code.

The variables are to save blocks. I hit the 75 block limit alot on this, so I set all figures I used more then 2 or 3 times to a variable, then used the variable instead (figures that were stuff like A + B / C, which takes up 5 blocks).

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while you guys was doing all that i realized that shouldn’t we make a thing where a player pick on a piece it can see where it allowed to go so there be less confusion?

I might add that, but it would be fairly complicated and memory consuming. Instead of running the loop to check the board once, you’d have to run it twice unless I find some efficient way to store multiple moves into one property.

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alright we keep this idea in the storage then

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