On and Off Lasers (🟨)

This might already be a thing but the other guide people said didn’t work so I made a working guide.


Get these devices:
1 lifecycle
1 repeater
1 laser beam
1 property device
1 trigger


Let’s set up the lifecycle.


Now for the repeater.


Now go to the trigger and set trigger when recieving> change
Go into the blocks and make this.


Let’s make the property now.


Laser beam time!
That’s all that matters for the laser beam!

Thanks for checking this guide out! Sorry if a lot of people already know this! Happy Gimkitting!


Great guide but you could also use a lifecycle connected to a repeater. The repeater is set to when receiving on channel and no channel is put. Then, have the repeater wired to the laser to deactivate it and have it wired to a wire repeater. Next, the wire repeater is wired to the laser to activate it.

I just feel this is simpler

sorry for my first comment i freaked out because i thought i didn’t include something but i did in the next step

i looked at that and people said it didn’t work…

look at the comments

It works but I forgot to add you have to connect the wire repeater to the repeater so it continues running. Most people think it doesn’t work because they forget to set the “Time To Run” to “Stop On Channel” and they forget to change the “Task Interval”.

ohhh, well people said that doesn’t work so i made a different more complicated way for nothing. oops

Its ok. Its still a great guide for people who feel comfortable (and want to learn) with blocks!

thanks, i would like that but im out

Nice scratch game btw.

did you play family tree of terror

yes I did. It’s good

The only game I’ve ever made on scratch isa Space Invaders inspired game. If you wanna play look in my description.


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oh my god i didnt even notice haha!

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No problem! I’ve done the same thing!

how did you get the else block in the trigger?