Old useless art

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Good good good good good. Are you adding all the art guides here?

No, this is just where I am putting my art.

A @Here_to_help art guide?

Yeah. I just tried it and fell in love. And I thought that this stuff was boring.

Good idea. Maybe say “Helpian art”? Also can I do this too?

Ok. I didn’t know what to name it, so sure.

@Here_to_help Can I remake this into something better then post the product here?

I revised it, let me know if you like it.


@WolfTechnology, you should really start making some Gimkit art. You’re pretty good.

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Good job. Kinda looks like a whale though.

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Lol yeah kind of but it looks more realistic than the others.

Here’s mine (the one from 1WO):

I’m tweaking and adding it to my art guide later (hopefully).


nice but you should take the front glass and put it behind the barrier as the body of the space craft.


Oh sorry i did not read that.

np, it’s ok

Why does my art look so bad all of a sudden? I think I will stick to advaced mechanics and block code for now. Art is not my thing.

No it doesn’t. And if it did, giving up won’t make it better. Make more!

I am just really good at art, unlie blockes and devices.