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i hope you like it :+1: and have fun using it in maps :world_map:
here is a photo :framed_picture:

Step 1

first you build a base so you know were the parts have to go…

Step 2

first you take four squares :white_square_button: signs and place them on the base so they make a giant

Step 3

…then you do the same thing next to it…

Step 4

then add some on the back so you fill out the back part of the base…

Step 6

…next add some pointed signs on the front filling out the front part of the base…

Step 7

…and then do the same thing on the top part of the base…

Step 8

…flip over some pointed signs so they face up :arrow_up: and place them on the top back part of the base
filling it out and if you want you can color the front in…

Step 9

last you can add some wheels on the bottom off the base and you can add a dark greyish sign too
replicate the wing.

now that you’re done :tada: don’t forget to add more detail :mag_right: and colour :rainbow_flag:and if you want more devices :robot:

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Nice art, but we’re trying to make the forums move away from art and back to its original purpose, device system help.


oh ok @getrithekd i didn’t know that yet.

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REALLY??? Since when? I didn’t hear that?

Sadly, I guess I won’t be able to do my next guide, then.

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oh wait this was the wrong topic whoops

For a week or two… Most of the discussion was done with regulars on the wix and discord to avoid off topic posting here.

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That’s surprising. To me, art is its original purpose: anything having to do with being creative. Art is basically spicing or decorating up your map, so is this really unrelated?

That makes sense, though, @getrithekd… <sighs

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The forum is for device help.

well i better delete this art guide.

Devices and devices only?
I wouldn’t actually…, @Napcat223

I mean–now we know, but you don’t have to delete it. It was just an announcement.
That just means you wasted your time, and it’ll only be a couple of weeks before you can again, but that’s just me.

what about these? nice guide tho.

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No Art? SERIOSLY? i wanted to finish my collection of vehicle guides… :frowning: I work so hard on them…

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please don’t reply @GimSolver @Caternaught and the rest that also includes me

I know, the only real reason i joined the forums was to share and see art :frowning:

this is getting off-topic please don’t reply

Sure, but art is one of the most used #tags (third actually) with over 300 tags and a lot of art has already been made.
Just because there’s a help topic on it, doesn’t mean you have to make a guide on it.
Some things are so easy that one post is already enough for it, when someone asks a question, you can link that same answer. No need to make a guide for it.
At this point art guides are basically just a cheap way to farm likes.
What’s the point of a guide if you’re not gonna put much effort into it?
It’s much better to have small amounts of guides created every week, that people put huge amounts effort to create [which was basically the thing in may-august, maybe even up to september] rather than heavy amounts of guides created every week, with not much effort put into it at all. [Not trying to be offensive, if you find something offensive, let me know and I’ll remove said part.]
Also, this could go in the Cool Ways to Use Props 2.0 guide, it was made for a collection of art guides so people could still create GKC art without causing clutter.

This should be the last reply.
If you don’t want people to reply, I suggest moving this to devices and marking a solution on any post to close this. [Talking to the OP]

This is basically just a renewed version of the comment I made on GimSolver’s ‘map memory limit guide’ [now deleted] but instead, this is on the subject on art guides. [mostly, but also art guides in general]
It’s 11 at night in my time and I’m really tired, so I’m gonna get some rest and add stuff to this tommorow.


ok, but still please don’t reply

Alright, sorry for replying, but I just had to say that’s a good point.
I’m sorry if I seemed to be a bit—aggressive.
This is my last reply.

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