Need help on setting up a game time, but in the game "Brookhaven" way

Here, the game time system is kinda simple: The minutes act like it’s seconds instead. Example:

10:57 AM

After a second, it turns into this:

10:58 AM

After another second, it turns into this:

10:59 AM

I also want to set up a game date, and how i want to do it is when the host starts a game, it’ll put a random date (year won’t count), and players could also see the date.


The game date will say “Mon December 27” at the beginning of the game since the game started. Players can see the correct date the host has.

These are want i want to create. Please help, since this is a big project. Thanks!

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Still no help. Man…

i’m getting triggered everytime i bump this, it just goes back down (it just feels like it for me)


Is this even possible or not?


well the am one is pretty simple, you could probably just use this

and for the other one, you could probably just make an overlay and a property so after it turns to 12am or something on the timer, than you just change the day of the week

Yeah, i tried doing that method. It didn’t really work…

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Ngl, this just gave me an idea to make a day and week+am and pm timer but i’ll do it later or something. And just so yk instead of using standard time I think you have to use military time because it is easier than am/pm

let me see if I can make something and help you :slight_smile:

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Also, can you mark a solution on your “seconds survived” guide because many people already put solutions (There are other guides)

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you dont need to bump within 2 hrs minimum is 5-7 days

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I did bump it though because it didn’t get any attention and this was a big project from my class.

My guide could help:

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If it IS a school project, I doubt you would be able to use outside recourses…

Also there are many time guides on the forum….

I also forgot i needed the day/night system. Thanks!

Though it is probably hard to change the lighting every (I don’t know how long maybe minute?)

I don’t think I can do it. Sorry. Ask a block code expert

Okay, since my time for my device is going to be finished, i’ll be trying these later. Thanks for the help, yall!

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These are some of the best block coders: ClicClac, mysz, gethriked, Blizzy

Use this guide: How to make a colon-separated timer (Difficulty: :yellow_square:)

I kinda got confused on the overlay part, considering i need the overlay to make it text so it could show the AM/PM time.