My Among Us Map ShowCase/map making (BAD MAP, DONT LOOK)

So I wanted to build a fully working Among Us Map in Gimkit. So I did. It has vents, tasks, emegency meeting, voting, sabotages, kill button, cams, and more. But this is my first iteration of my map. I’m currently making another one that will be wayyyyy more accurate and more fun. Stayed tuned for that. So here it is⬇️(Sorry if there are wires everywhere I couldn’t get the full room when playing)
Cafeteria: (Add a button that sends a notifcation)

Weapons: (Add a theater chair with a button)

O2: (Add a button with plant props)

Navigation: (Add Command Tables)

Shields: At bridges and a button)

Communications: (Add Computers)

Storage:( Add Cargo Containers)

Admin: (Add Command Tables)

Electrical. (Add colored metal poles with command tables)

Medbay: (Add a plate with a button plus some beds(

Security: (Add Tvs and some teleportors that teleport you into hidden areas)

Reactor:( Add colored metal poles, command tables, and buttons)

Upper/Lower Engine: (Add arcade machines with keycard slots)

Thats it for this showcase. I hope you liked it. Also stay tuned for my better Skeld Map coming soon! Also @WolfTechnology did a similar tutorial for among us


You might want to say how to do some stuff, as this may get flagged for being a showcase. But the map looks good! Might want to erase the code tho.


Would this be considered off-topic since it’s really more of a showcase than a guide?


Showcases aren’t allowed on the forum. I will ask the mods to take it down if you can’t.


Yes. It would be considered an advertisement (or off-topic).

Maybe you should post this on the wix instead of here

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May I ask, a lot of this guide looks very fimilar, did you use my guide?If so please credit me for the guide, it shows respect to those who did it before you.

Ok sorry Wolf. I didn’t mean to disrespect you


Okay. I asked the mods to take the post down. Please do not post showcases on the Forums next time. This place is for asking questions about Gimkit Creative. If want to showcase this, please post this on the Wixsite or the Discord server.

You are correct, but this is allowed to a certain extend, @Magenta_Dragon if you edit you post saying how to make some of the rooms your guide can stay if not, it is against the guidelines and needs to be hiden. And you are alright, I was just letting you know.


I mean @WolfTechnology posted a very similar post a while ago and it hasn’t been taken down.

it also just looked amazing :fire:


But was it a guide that explained how he built it?

I did, it was my first ever map and I did not know that i had made it as well as I did. But art guides are allowed, as I said, to an extent.

Yes and no, I showed pictures and told how long it took. and stuff but no I did not. But the rules have become a bit more strict now it needs to, and because its old, its allowed. Here is a link to it.

I think this guide is actually quite a bit different from yours, it uses some similar terrain shapes and stuff but you were making the same thing, and it uses different props.

Yes but how i knew is look at the shapes of the rooms, if you use someones guide the right and respectful thing is to show or give them some sort of credit.

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Well, the shapes of the skeld rooms are pretty static.

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They are to similar wooden fences as the boarders,same wires on the floor, that was my idea, But I am not going to argue. I am suppost to stop and nutralize arguements, not escalate them. This argue ment is over, we can remain with separate opinions, but not say them.

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Hey wolf since you got the permission can you please delete this. Its causing too many arguements and I didn’t want to cause that. Also I didn’t mean to copy or offend you in any way. Also though may map looks way different than yours so please don’t say I copied your map because I didn’t.


Nice little showcase!