Mix of things (EXP and Trails)

I want to mix an EXP guide with a trail guide the higher the level the better the trail

What do you mean?

I think he meant that the higher level you have, the better rarity trail you’ll have.

i want to make it so the higher the level the different the trail. (when at level 0 no trail)

and im making a gimoung us map and I want you to gain EXP if you win and the higher the EXP/level the better the trail

I think what you can do is deactivate all the inventory item managers on game start, and they activate/deactivate when a certain channel in the exp guide (weak, strong, etc.) is broadcasted.

ill try this

i want the gimoung us map to have quests also and when a quest is completed > gain EXP

you can try to make your own, here are some among us guides.

oh, my map is already done but I’m just trying to make it more detailed than regular among us.

Ok so then us the skeld map i made, it is the most accurate and detailed of them all.


Ok, so if you wish to make a guide, make one, just becareful, I have made two among us guides, both very good and detailed. But chatters got it to close, thankfuly jeffo left them listed.

I added checking te level! You can check if the level is above ___ if so run action: Trail