MORE IDEAASSSS! (dungeon game))

OKAY so essentially im making a game and part of it takes place in an old abandoned dungeon/cave. i need ideas on what i can add to add some details to it. this is what i currently have, but i need some more things to fill up the blank space. all ideas are appreciated!!

Hanging vines?

Falling rocks. (How To Make A Cave-In ft. Tim)


this looks cool. maybe add some bonesy sentries and maybe an old jail cell for a long forgotten underground prison.

(For monsters :slight_smile: )

At the start of the game, there are a few buttons, that do somethings

  1. turbo mode - max speed (tight sections more difficult)
  2. The floor is lava - adds platforms throughout the game, but any floor touch is deadly
  3. Where did this come from? - adds invisible barriers to parts of the game

Make small things in the backround. How to decorate your PLATFORMING map! [:mount_fuji:]

Maybe make the chains more pronounced? Some small detail could look good as well.