How to make A Joe! 0/10 ◻

Heya! This guide is a sequel to my John guide! Link to that guide will be posted here:

Anyway, In this guide I’ll show you how to make another one of these guys! I might even make an entire art guide for them all >:)

Joe is fairly simple to make, unlike john, Joe doesn’t have body parts; but one big ol’ head!
Here’s a list of all the materials you’ll need for Joe!

  • 2 Texts (144 font size)
  • 3 Barriers (two for eyes)
  • 4 Alien Plants (Colored pitch black)

Once you’ve gotten the materials; it should look like this so far.

Now its time for Joe himself! First thing you want to do is take the 4 alien plants, and place them in different directions on the big barrier! Like so:

Now it’s time for the eyes! The eyes are a little complicated but not too bad… You’ll want to take the Text and type in “()” for both of them, then rotate them until they’re on their side. (Snap rotation helps!) Like so:

Screenshot 2023-12-05 8.40.14 AM

Once you’ve got the text setup, add the two other barriers, and place them inside the “()” Text! Make sure to layer the text above the barriers so the barriers look like they’re in the text!

Screenshot 2023-12-05 9.50.48 AM

Then, Once you’ve done that; You can add the eyes to the head barrier! (Make sure the text and little barriers are layered above the head barrier!

Screenshot 2023-12-05 9.53.13 AM

And there you have it! You have successfully made Joe!


As a little bonus, you could add some more designs to make him more scary! You could add a bit more alien plants inbetween the 4 to give him a bit more intensity… You could also add a space background to make him look like an alien!

Screenshot 2023-12-05 9.58.33 AM

If you want, you could also add some extra eyes! To give him a horror kind of vibe…

Screenshot 2023-12-05 10.03.44 AM

And That’s it for the bonus! Hope you enjoyed this extra little secret!

This was inspired by @cheesbox 's Guide on how to make a billy, Link will be posted below!

I hope you enjoyed this guide!


that is kinda scary, nice job

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that was the goal! I like to make spooky things >:)

Joe! There you are!

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I lost him for a moment, But I was able to find him again!

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Nice, but what is a joe?

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Great guide! It’s very nice!

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A joe is an intergalactic being made from the darkest parts of space. This joe in particular however, manifested in gimland

So, like a alive blackhole?

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Looks familiar…


hey wait a minute! I see joe’s older brother in there!!
I forgot his name…I’m going to ask joe!

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I’m thinking of making one big guide that has every one of my… “Creatures
If i do end up making that guide, i’ll add a BUNCH more of them into that guide…I’ll need ideas on what to call it though…


Maybe C-C’s Grimoire?


That’s A REALLY good name!
I might just make the guide now so I can use that…

I like it!

Don't Click



Hey it’s me

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Wow! How did you manage to fit in the screen?
Must’ve been difficult to get through the screen to get in the game!

No, the name is me, and that, is my demons inside, that break out every once in a while

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Dang…How do you manage to fit them back in the screen?


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