Minigame Help for Mario Party style game

I am making a Mario-Party style game and need help with some stuff!

Mario Party - For anyone who doesn’t know Mario Party is a co-op game where you can select from different gamemodes such as: board games, river riding, all minigames and more!
My Game (Gim Party!!!) - So, mine is going to just be the board game part. It will also have custom minigames, not the ones featured in Mario Party, that’s why it’s just a Mario-Party style game and not a Mario-Party remake.

1 - Thumbnail
I suck am moderately bad at drawing and I also I don’t have the platform to make one. So if anyone would like to make a, PLEASE help meeeeeee.
This criteria is very loose and I would still appreciate the thumbnail even if it isn’t exactly.

  1. Make it so it is a shot looking up from the floor (similar to One Way Out)
  2. Include a colorful flooring
  3. Have a wide variety of Gims, spread out in a line
  4. Have the middle Gim holding a dice
  5. Have one Gim holding cash
  6. Put the name of the game (Gim Party!!!)
  7. Put Created by @harharharhar83
  8. Credit yourself for the thumbnail creation!

@Blizzy - Handrawn Mk 1

@Blizzy - Handrawn Mk 2

@Blizzy - Slide’s Version


@M13TheCreator - Mk 1

@M13TheCreator - Mk 2






On Tuesday, March 19th, vote for your favorite thumbnail here:
So there are about 11 thumbnails to choose from which is waaaaaaaaay more than I thought I would get! So, the poll will be posted here at 9 am!

Which thumbnail should I use?
  • Blizzy HD Mk 1
  • Blizzy HD Mk 2
  • Blizzy Slides
  • Random_dude123
  • M13The Creator Mk 1
  • M13The Creator Mk 2
  • Kat_aronii
  • I_Like_Props
  • gim_giy
  • Claire_B
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2 - Minigame Ideas
I already have a ton of minigame ideas but, I could always use more! Reply with your ideas for minigames! The only criteria here is to remember that they’re mini :pinching_hand: games, so we don’t want super long drawn out games. If I do include your minigame I will credit you.
@Epi320 - Deathrun:
Run to the end without dieing to a laser or sentry!
My Real Friends - Fishing:
A player answers questions for bait and then catch fish to sell. The player with the most money at the end wins
My Real Friends - Make a Bunger:
Answers questions to gain supplies and cook a burger and fries. Then give it life and turn it into a Bunger!
@harharharhar83 - Health Inspector:
Clean up the kitchen as fast as possible in 30 seconds before the health inspector arrives! The player with the cleanest kitchen wins!
@creature - Cheese Hunt
Whoever grabs the most Cheese Plates in a 45 seconds wins!
@GimSolver Button Barrage :radio_button::
Who can click the button the most in 30 seconds?
@GimSolver Racer Runaway :racing_car::
Who is the fastest gim?
@GimSolver Battle Game :facepunch::
1v1, winners against winners, like a tourney.
@th3_ca1tsune Boss Bash (3 v 1)
The one is better than the rest and you have to defeat the better player.
@Roberta Runner Chaos (1 v 3)
Minigame where you run and dodge the opponent’s falling objects for 2 minutes.

3 - Board Spaces
What I mean by this are spaces that causes special events when they are stepped on. I already have:

  1. +Cash
  2. -Cash
  3. Decision Spaces
  4. Bad Luck Spaces
  5. Good Luck Spaces
  6. Instant Minigames
  7. Item Shop
  8. Witch Space (Super bad luck)

Go to Jail - @Blizzy @GimSolver
Mystery Square (Has a random chance of 1, 2, 4, 5, or 7, and for a little bonus the player could make it also have the chance of being a normal square, or sets you back to the beginning) - @Lostsea3
Teleport Square (Teleports you to a random area on the map) - My Real Friends

are you able to draw like a little planning sheet so we know exactly what you want?

Would you like it to be hand-drawn or google slides?

Either way is fine,
Whatever you like and is easier for you.

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NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! NOT THE GOOGLE SLIDES!!! i dislike google slides for thumbnail art

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i dont really know but i just dislike them a lot

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Here, uh i told you i was bad at this. It isn’t creative and it looks like their in a dungeon…

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have the dice above their heads and make tiles on the ground with a sky or something… just suggestions

yeah… thats why i asked for help. I’m great at the coding of GKC, the designs and thumbnails, not so much.

ping me tomorrow and i’ll start making one

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can u post all the gims u want here??

hmm its gonna be challenging

Use any Gims you want as lot as it is a variety all though if you wish for a request, my favorite is the Blueprint Gim

So if you can’t do it from the floor thats okayl.

@harharharhar83 I’ll try to make one when I have time! I’ll make both a hand drawn one and a slides one and a pixelr whatever it’s called if I can!


@harharharhar83 What I have so far:


I can help out with his. but let’s try to refrain from thumbnail topics and request posts!

karl pointed a good point there

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I understand thats and I swear that if (not when, if) this breaks into a flame war I will mark a solution and delete it.

I can do it for you!

Some of my previous work:


@Random_dude123 Thanks, if you make one I’ll put it in a poll to for voting!