Need thumbnail for my Minecraft dropper map

look at the burger it is pix-elated and yes gimme a sec to make them worried

is this better?


what i got so far anything else to add??


noice (nice)
it’s so cool

anything else you need or is it good?

there is an active vote going for a gimparty map thumbnail (mine is on there!)

i voted you. you have a great art talent

lol same mine is also on there

tysm but still is there anything else to add?

my team and i decided that it’s good for the thumbnail

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btw here is a Padlet that allows thumbnail makers to post theirs
its also a Padlet where you can ask for thumbnails

are u working on your greek map rn??

i will keep that in mind for next time.

yes I am do you have suggestions
we are building the market rn if you would like to help.
this is the Greek mythology Padlet
includes codes for the games and facts on the gods
all made by me and @Artemis

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can I invite u to Google docs??

yes (I still have that needs 20 characters things to prevent spam)

give me your email and I’ll invite u too a chat with a lot of other GK players

I’m connected to a school don’t be afraid when is says “caution it may be shared with another website”

ok I invited u to the chat give me the code there, ok