Need thumbnail for my Minecraft dropper map

i need an artist to make a thumbnail for my dropper map.

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Can I have some requirements?

any specifics?
What’s the game name

what features might it have ex. types of gims, specific gradients, specific props and such etc.

what message would I relay (what message would I add to the thumbnail) (doesn’t have to have one)

what is the color palette

should it be cartoon, realistic, or other (I don’t do hand drawn)

who should I put for credits (who helped or made the game)

Things I will put:

my signature (that’s it)

just make sure it says “droppers by spydecraft”

please state the theme, objects, and feature/ background of the map and what you are looking for in the thumbnail.

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so nothing but the title? that’s not much of a thumbnail

it’s just a minecraft dropper thingy thumbnail

what is the objective of the game?

go on google and search minecraft droppers so you get ideas from there

I changed the title to prevent more confussion.

oh wait droppers as in the rainbow parkour like things you jump into or the dropper machine?

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yes like that

the one were you jump and you dodge the obsticles and get near the water to win.

man I thought you meant the redstone dropper

can u give me the gims u want me to use???

here is a list:

so u want all of them falling??

yeah and get a dropper map from google to go with it.

and while he is doing that let me tell you what a dropper map means.

ik what a dropper map is :grin: