Need thumbnail for my Minecraft dropper map

it means:a map where at the start of the game, players must reach the bottom of the level successfully without dying

working on it now
gimme a sec

what is that pink GIM @Spydecraft245 ?

hydro red

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it will be hard to make them look like there falling :confused:

Here is this good?
any changes?


could you make them terrified from falling?

how is it not blurry for you like if I copy and paste from google and zoom it in it looks so pixelated

look at the burger it is pix-elated and yes gimme a sec to make them worried

is this better?


what i got so far anything else to add??


noice (nice)
it’s so cool

anything else you need or is it good?

there is an active vote going for a gimparty map thumbnail (mine is on there!)

i voted you. you have a great art talent

lol same mine is also on there

tysm but still is there anything else to add?

my team and i decided that it’s good for the thumbnail

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btw here is a Padlet that allows thumbnail makers to post theirs
its also a Padlet where you can ask for thumbnails

are u working on your greek map rn??