Need thumbnail for my Minecraft dropper map

i will keep that in mind for next time.

yes I am do you have suggestions
we are building the market rn if you would like to help.
this is the Greek mythology Padlet
includes codes for the games and facts on the gods
all made by me and @Artemis

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can I invite u to Google docs??

yes (I still have that needs 20 characters things to prevent spam)

give me your email and I’ll invite u too a chat with a lot of other GK players

I’m connected to a school don’t be afraid when is says “caution it may be shared with another website”

ok I invited u to the chat give me the code there, ok

could i enter the chat you guys have?

sure I’ll invite you right away (Email again)

done (20 letter max thing)

have you joined the padlet @Spydecraft245

code is on there not the Google doc

Hello everyone! I just came to wish yall good luck, oh and @Spydecraft245 i shall see you later today…

we already have a thumbnail scroll up itsmine

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thanks for telling me, i didn’t know that was the final design :disguised_face:

For BobThegod

[Off-Topic] do you want me to make u a custom pfp?

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No thank you, thanks for offering!

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bob,should you be in class!

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