Murder Mystery Thumbnail Request

Thumbnail Request!

I am making Murder Mystery, and I need a thumbnail!

In The Thumbnail, Have 3 Gims, 1 An Innocent Running Away From The Murderer, Another 1 Being The Innocent That Is Running Away, And The Last 1 Being The Sheriff Around The Corner From The Murderer.

Special Requests:

Make The Murderer The Dodge Skin :]

Also Make The Scene In A Medieval Dungeon, As That Is The Theme. (Preferably a library)
(Pretty Sure This Is Allowed)

I could help. I’m kinda confused of what you want in the thumbnail. could you like maybe try to sketch what is should look like

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No Paper Nearby. Just Have Three Gims, One Running Away As An Innocent, One Holding A Quantum Portal, As The Murderer, Chasing The Innocent, And One As The Sheriff, Chasing The Murderer With A Slingshot. Make The Murderer The Dodge Skin. Also, Could You Add Game Overlay Like Labels Under Them Telling Their Roles? Make Them Kind of Transparent, like a real Game Overlay, And Make The Murderers Red, The Innocents White, And The Sheriff’s Blue

Gtg, Be Back In A Week! ;p

bye! have fun to where ever your going!

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I’ll start mine!

im the guy for thumbnails
heres some of my other work

Uploading: gimguys_logo.png…


Woah @M1dnight, would you mind helping me out?

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whats this I see?

why does it say my logo? (prob just a mistake)

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Hey @M1dnight do you mean this spydecraft?

Just a quick question…

also what do you use to make thumbnails besides skill?

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i made a whole guide on this recently:

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sure, i have a cap of 3 during school hours tho
when i get home, ican avoid the export limit by making my thumbnails in incognito, but it doesnt save

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Thanks, i’ll check the guide out!

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chaos I want chaos to appear

Why did you necropost and why do you want chaos to appear :person_facepalming: