Mini game ideas for map

Helllo and good morning or afternoon. I want to make a Mario party styled gimkit game and i was wondering if you guys have any idea

Make a lobby and secret rooms

Some lore, quests, or other things

Maybe try setting up a blastball type goal and use a item granter to give players prizes when they score.

maybe you should make 8bit styled minigames? they’re easy to design yet fun to code.
some examples:
pong, pacman, four square, atari breakout (there isnt a guide on it yet, but it would be incredibly easy to code.) i heard @Captain-Gim was making tetris.

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I think tetris was completed, there was a game like that on discovery a little while ago.


oh really? thats cool.

yeah I’m not sure if its still on because the name was called tetris. But yeah

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Do you know who made it @WolfTechnology? I plan on making guides for Tetris, so I need to know who to credit.
Also, I found no game called Tetris.

WON annoucment

We have moved canvas because the other didn’t work go here, and tell me your gmail then I’ll invite you to the new you:
Edit the wiki when you have.
just did, but could this be more private? -eiq

sorry, @Captain-Gim I can’t access gmail. If you could get me the link somewhere private, that would be nice… - Jobozo

@Jobozo1875, I just need to make sure you have access to the padlet then we’ll go on from there, but the canva we made is where we’ll do WON stuff now, so you should still have the link.

@Captain-Gim, Thanks! I know the canva is now and am able to get on :grin: - Jobozo

sadly no, i didn’t play it but the name and thumbnail were from tetris and said tetris. It probably got taken down for copyright.

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Bomb Hole (BasketBall But With Bombs)