Making an elevator

Hey. I need some help on making an elevator from props. Plz help.

anyone? plz? aaaaaaa?

There’s this one prop that can be used as an elevator

Do you mean the interior or exterior of an elevator?
Do you need help with the mechanic of making it go up?

These guides may help. How to make an "elevator" Diff: 2/10 or 🟩
How to make a working elevator without blocks🟨

Read the help post.
They want help with the visualization of the elevator- with props.
Those are only for mechanics.

I think you’re better off using barriers for elevator doors instead of props. Heck, I think barrier art is your best bet for making an elevator that looks good and accurate to the real deal.

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Use illusions with hidden props and teleporters to make it functional!

You could use sideways ad bases to make the doors and metal poles as the outline. You could also try hiding and showing multiple ad bases to create the illusion that the doors are closing and opening.

This good?

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Dang, that would probably, work.

You, know, you could add a pole to look like those wires that hold the elevator, moving it up or down.

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Never mind, I found it :sweat_smile:

aren’t elevator doors usually grey tho?
(btw, love the design)

I’ve heard of elevators made of glass, and elevators which lets you in on one side and exit on the other.

next time cover ur code

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