How to make a working elevator without blocks🟨

Items you will need:
6 buttons
4 zones
4 teleporters
2 barriers
(Disclaimer: This cannot work for more than 2 floors!)

First make your elevator. Make 2 elevators. One on one floor and another on other floor. Now in the door way add a barrier.

Wire a button (the button on the outside of the elevator) to the barrier: button pressed → deactivate barrier. Make that button say “Open Elevator.” Now add another button except it is inside the elevator. Make it say “Open Elevator.” Now wire that button to the barrier: Button pressed → deactivate barrier. It should look like this currently :arrow_down:

Now add a button on the other side of the inside of the elevator. (Do this for both elevators)Name it Descend.

(Do this for the first elevator NOT the second one (not yet anyways)):
Now the tricky part. Ok. So wire the descend button to a teleporter. Button pressed → Teleport player to target. Have the teleporter target as “lower.” DO NOT HAVE ANYTHING IN THE GROUP SECTION. Ok now do this for the second elevator but the teleporter for the second one have the target as “Upper.”

Have that? Good. It should look like this currently⬇️ (For both elevators)

Now add a zone in the elevator (Do this for both elevators) Wire it to the barrier/door: Player Enters Zone → Activate Barrier

Now add a zone under the barrier (outside of the elevator) and wire it to the barrier: Player Enters Zone → Activate Barrier. It should look like this for both elevators currently⬇️

Now add 1 teleporter in the middle of the elevator for each elevator. Name the first teleporter in the first elevator “Upper” for the Group section. For the second elevator the name the second teleporter Group Section “Lower”

Now it should look like this when done (for both elevators) :arrow_down:

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Cool Guide! I could see lots of people using this for builds.

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Thank you! I think people could use this! There wasn’t a guide before so I made one!

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Nice guide!! Great job explaining this!

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Great guide! This is actually pretty cool!

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Thank you very much!

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Thank you so much! .

Great guide @Magenta_Dragon! I can’t use blocks(at least i don’t know how) so this is very good and to see it work without blocks is awsome!


Thank you @WolfTechnology !

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Bump, because I can use this in a game.

Ah yes, an elevator, the number one death rate in hotels, wait uh… nice guide?

Is it possible to make an elevator that LOOKS like its going down, but it’s not?

Like, falling down or just normal?

like sister location. so yes like it is going down normally.

Oh, not my forte, but maybe the backround slowly getting darker?

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oooooh that would be good. thanks!
Would like but I ran out of them.

Oh, understood. You are welcome my dear friend, credit me somewhere will you?

yes, end credits will have you in there. :smiley: Sir Quillius Inkpot

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Sir Quilllius Inkpot. Not Quillious.