How to make an "elevator" Diff: 2/10 or 🟩

Hello! Today I’ll show you how to make an elevator.

What you will need

You will need:
2 or more platforms
2 or more (depending on how many floors) buttons and teleporters

First floor

First, make your first platform (the size doesn’t matter.)

Next, place down a button and matching teleaporter. It should look like:

Screenshot 2023-10-18 1.49.29 PM

Customize your button. The settings should look like this:

Now, customize the teleporter to look like this:

Second floor

Now, create the second platform.

Repeat steps from the first floor (see above) and customize the button to look like:

Then, customize the teleaporter to look like:

Now, test it out to see how it works! Thanks for reading and like if you enjoyed!

Final notes and thoughts

I did see another guide to building an elevator. It seems more complicated to me but if you would check it out it might help you make some upgrades to mine.


Good job, @EGGacha !!

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You should quote me because I did an elevator that is very simialr before you. Sorry. Still great tutorial!

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I’ve added a link to your elevator in Final notes and thoughts.

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Ok then. Thank you for quoting my tutorial!


I didn’t see that! Thanks!

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Nice guide :slight_smile:


Nice guide :+1:

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