Kitchen Furniture Collection Continued


Alright, so I ran out of editing time before I could really think of anything else. But now, I have more ideas mostly due to 100-prop update.

Ingredient Bags

Using the “sand pile” prop (putting it in quotes mostly because it’s a sand bag and not a pile) and some text, you can make a nifty bag of whatever. Wheat, spices, flour, sugar, etc.
Just don’t forget to make it reasonable!

Medieval Table

There’s also lots of food ingredients added, so now you can make a medieval table filled with food!
I recommend using cheese plates, baskets of apples, and bread.

Stone-Fired Oven Set

These ovens use coal and something to light the coal to make food! So, I made this little thing:

Also, this feels like a drawback to the time I created the stovetop and oven thing back in October.

Layered Plates

Yesterday, I was at a Chinese restaurant, and I saw my parents put their bowls of rice on their plates so they didn’t have to go a long way to hold their rice in their chopsticks. So, that got me thinking, what if I semi-recreated that in Gimkit? That’s what I did here:
As you can see, the cheese plate is on the place the bread is on. That’s kind of what they (and many others at the restaurant) were doing.

Hanukkah/Kwanzaa Candle Style

Now, I don’t celebrate Hanukkah or Kwanzaa, but I do know that the candles they use during the celebrations are arranged in a specific order (I think). So, what I did:
What I did was place three candles, two were the shorter candles and the other one was the taller candle in the middle.

Alright, now I have to go searching through my maps to find some more food ideas, so I’ll be back.


nice giude @eiqcrmeliutgwhc

Nice Guide! Very Creative!

Nice guide!

Nice guide! Maybe instead, though, you could put in the guide to reusing props.

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