Keycard Required Teleporter (2/10)

This guide is for those who wants a teleporter similar to fishtopia, but require a keycard that can be used for every travel to an island.

Devices needed

Devices used (including a keycard purchasing system):
1 button
1 vending machine
2 wires
1 teleporter
1 checker

Memory: 155 (280 if using a vending machine for buying a keycard)

Steps on making the teleport-check system

Step 1:
Place down a button then go to it’s settings and set the active scope to player under the Availability Tab
Setup should look like this:
Screenshot 2023-11-09 9.31.25 PM
Button settings should look like this:
Screenshot 2023-11-09 9.28.28 PM

Step 2:
Place a checker down and wire (can be found in the add menu next to devices) the button to it (remember to wire the button first then click on the checker second) and set the button “Button pressed” to “Run check”
Setup should look like this (ignore the vending machine leg in the background we’ll get back to it):
Screenshot 2023-11-09 9.32.40 PM
Wire settings:

Step 3:
Go in the checker’s settings and set the checker settings under check #1 to this (you can replace the item to whatever you want) but make sure the comparison and value stays the same, or change the value to be 2 or more if you want it to be. (you don’t have to worry about the other settings tab) but for this example I will use a blue keycard.

Step 4:
Place a teleporter and wire the checker to the teleporter and set it’s settings to this:

You can now move the teleporter anywhere you want such as a different island, or instead of wires you could simply use channels for saving memory.

You’re now done with making the teleporting system!

Setting up a very basic keycard purchasing system

Step 1:
Add a vending machine
Should look like this:
Screenshot 2023-11-09 9.41.55 PM

Step 2:
Go into the vending machine and set the vending machine to grant an item (already preset) then make the vending machine require cash and set the amount of cash required to whatever you want it to be (could be 10, 15, 20, etc, etc.) but for the sake of making a system I will set it to 10, you can make it grant any item you want it to grant but I will set it to grant a blue-keycard just like in the teleport-check system.
Settings should look like this:

(you can make it grant more than 1 of the item you chose btw and fine tune it to look however you want.)

Now you’re done with making the very simple and rudimentary keycard purchasing system!

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The guide includes but not limited to:
[Experienced Players] Advanced Guide To Vending Machines | Difficulty: 🟨
Tell me in the replies if I’m missing any notable guides that include systems within the guide.


Amazing guide.

Crazy good guide dude!

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Cool I guess, still have alot to learn.

What are you talking about Still have a lot to learn?

Nice guide!

Nice guide! You don’t need a checker though…


I guess you don’t but still can’t hurt to have one

You can activate the button and the keycard to s just for the aesthetics. It saves 45 memory.

It’s a keycard required teleporter, meaning you need a specific item to go into the teleporter, I made this guide for him:

Yeah, but the button only activates when you get the keycard if you use activation states.

Yeah I get what you said, indeed it would reduce memory usage if you used an activation state that is linked to the button. (personally I just use it for aesthetic purposes and debugging which makes it easier to understand for others)

Nice job!:+1:

Honestly, how come people HAVEN’T made this! This is cool!

Amazing guide! Definitely using this!

Nice guide.