How to make a item (Keycard) required teleporter/door (⬜ 0/10)

Hello Gimkit Forums! This is my first guide and I hope to make more!
Anyways, let’s get started on how to make a item required a door/teleporter


The device(s) you will need will depend on what you are making, but here is the recommended list:
1 Button
1 Checker
1 Popup
1 Barrier (prop) or 1 Barrier (device)


Place down your Button (or Trigger) and (to save memory) configure the channel to send on a channel named “runCheck”. Place down a checker and configure to check when receiving on channel, configure the item(s) it checks for, also change the amount you need for each item(s).

Screenshot 2024-04-07 10.10.31 AM


For my example, I will use an item giver to give me my item to check. Next, place down a popup and a barrier. Next wire the check to the popup like following:

Next configure the popup to be a banner, make the header something like this: Alert! and the body something like this: You have insufficient item(s) required to enter.
Next wire the checker to the prop like so:
After doing this, this is what it will look like in game:


Run your game and test the system!

And that’s it!
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  1. this is very easy, so it probably doesn’t need a guide for itself
  2. speaking of this, there’s already a guide on this:

3. good job on your first guide! better than mine

Thanks! (Idk that there was a guide for this already lol.) :slight_smile:

Nice guide this was very helpful!

Ima use it for my mario map!