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Continuing the discussion from Protocol for Hateful/Hostile Users? (Guide Inspiration):

Which three prevalent users would you choose to be trust level 4?
  • mysz
  • wingwave
  • NavyCatZ
  • Blackhole927
  • CringeKarlScott
  • getrethikd
  • WolfTechnology
  • Cameron_Sharer
  • WhoAmI
  • ClicClac
  • Thats_Gimpossible
  • Here_to_help
  • twofoursixeight
  • Im_Pretty_Cool
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Thanks for voting!

Do not reply.
Someone bump this the next few days using a link or wiki post.

Sorry for replying, but my name is spelled wrong.

You’re right, but if I edit that we’ll have to re-vote.

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I’m really sorry, but is this mod-approved?

Okay, no.
I thought about this. I thought ‘well maybe the mods don’t want to just choose a leader, they want us to approve of their choice(s).’ This is one of my best solutions. If you have another suggestion, I am listening.


Do the mods know about this poll?

use wiki to speak guys (so dont reply lol) - bh

Do you want me to delete this poll? You could be right, and you definitely know more than me on the forums. I just want to take action. that’s how i work -CD

The mods have a plan for the forum, and a TL4 may just not be part of it. We should respect their wishes and not try to force their hand. -ClicClac

Here’s how i see it. Either:
You are right and we quit and step back
The mods have no plan, want to step back and let us as the people that the forums are made for to lead. -CD

Can I make a PSA about suspensions? -Unknown

No. That is a good way to be flagged. -CD

@here, Sorry, ik that this is off - topic, but who is CD? - Vortex-Mist

@CassiusDoomlorde -CD

Why is it only 3 votes, why not 4? there are 4 people that i think should get it, so narowing it down to 3 is very hard. -WT

yeah same, i have four people i wanna vote for
also vote me guys!!! -karl ← lol um ok karl-WT

three is a round classic number. No one will see who you personally vote for. there will be a pie chart tho. -CD

I bet it’s going to be @ClicClac, @WhoAmI, and @NavyCatZ - WW

Why am I not on here??? I’m on here every day!

This is mostly regulars, or people who have experience running stuff. (Last reply until 2023-09-25T00:00:00Z

Wdym running stuff? I can run how to ask good question :slight_smile:

I’ll check back in tomorrow.

I think that with a few exceptions of a few people who are knowledgeable in GKC or the forum, it is just OG forum members who have been active for a long time.
You can look at this to see who these people generally are (more likes = longer active and contributes to community a lot) https://forum.creative.gimkit.com/u?order=likes_received&period=all

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I voted you

I wish I was on the list. I am on pretty often, and I think I have helped often, but I am still not a regular. :frowning_face:


Thanks, but @here, can we not reply?

Reply in the wiki posts above

I’m in front of josh and Jeffo! NO WAY!!!

Mark a solution to close this topic!

I agree. I’ve posted my ideas here:

What do you think about it?

TL4 is quite literally the equivalent of moderator on this forum (with actual moderators being admins), so I don’t think it’s very likely for that badge to be given to regular users. Yes, there are plenty of helpful people here who could use that power well, but giving that much power to everyday users of the forums is a risk that I doubt the GK team is willing to take. The TL3 badge gives users a degree of power that is generally enough to keep things sorted without giving irresponsible people too much power, and (as of now) things seem to be working fine as is.

So yes, while it would be nice for the community to have more say in moderation, I don’t think it’s a necessary change. Maybe someday trusted users will be given more power, but I don’t think it’s going to happen any time soon.