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That is something i will agree with, Josh and jeff don’t seem like they need help, eventhough in certain areas they need to be more active in, such as the random flaggings, and also as one VERY helpful suggestion, delete the flag badge, new users just flag a random post and get a badge not caring what it is or was about. It is annoying and causes unessacary trouble, im going to ask the modes to delete the badge, it should limit the random uses so that flagging is important not random.


I have the exact opposite view on the forum’s current moderation state. I feel as though the forum is not moderated enough. I feel like there should be community moderators to help the forum; so the team has less work to do.However, I do agree that flagging should be changed. I feel as though flagging should be removed for TL1 users on the forum and moved up to TL2 minimum. This change will help avoid abuse.

I’m going to make an email submission about TL4 / moderator applications on the forum, I feel like the forum is lacking in moderation.


that is what i mean, they do ok but not great, we sould al contact them to select 2 users and watch them and train them into moderation because not everyone has owned, moderated, or helped create a forum, wix site, and fandom wiki. (Which I have done all and there is a lot of stuff that can be used on here that is not) Also the mods are like never active, so we need active mods.

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I waited until an actual message you should flag, something more serious.

Same, i flagged a guy cursing.

Um, the person I want to vote for the most is not on here. What should I do?

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who? (wondering a bit)

I don’t want to say as that could cause a flame war. Just update it a bit with some more users and they will probably be added.

if i add more users, current data will be deleted. also, changing it could start flame war. anything could cause flame war with the right situation, place, and people.

I guess I will vote without them being there.

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im not on there lol -irrelevant green bird
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what is this wiki post lol

a supposed reusable bump. Not sure if it works though.

Top 5

  1. @NavyCatZ
  2. @mysz
  3. @Blackhole927
  4. @ClicClac
  5. @wingwave
    To be exact, @mysz @Blackhole927 and @ClicClac should all share 2nd, just like they do in golf (same score same place).

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