Item spawn on ground

you can’t pick that up though

button pressed → grant item???

Maybe try using this guide?

Can you please explain clearly?

I know how that works. Do you know how if you have too many items it will appear on the ground where others can pick it up? I want the items in that state

I need to run some tests later for this, tell you later!

@potato1 I’m pretty sure you can use an IIM(Inventory Item Manager) to make an item have a limit and overflow with an item granter.

main thing is it is for a battle royale, so you couldn’t like hold 2 quantum portal with the iim

you really only need it for a few items

Hey, @potato1. I remember @NavyCatZ made a post about this and you can make it so one sentry has 1 health (and drops your chosen item) and another one has 9999999 health. Make sure both are not active on Game Start.
Wire the button to activate both the sentries.
Wire the 1-health sentry to the 9999999-health sentry

(1-HealthSentry) Sentry Knocked out > Deactivate Sentry (9999999-HealthSentry)

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@Haiasi and @NavyCatZ how do I make be random and multiple drops

Set InsertVariable Random Integer from # to #

I don’t understand the random drops

Here is a guide on how to make a randomizer

I know how to make randomizer I just don’t know how to make the sentry random

Ok you can get random items from destroying props, see if you can do the same thing on a sentry.
Here is how you do it to props.

@WolfTechnology I want the items to drop on the ground scroll up to find my previous post

I know, but then you couldn’t hold more then 1 of each weapon

That is very outdated. In the comments @Zypheir simplified it.