Item spawn on ground

Is there a way to make a item appear on the ground without a item spawner or granting a item to a player?

You can copy and paste it (I think).

I want to make it so that you can pick the item up like normal. I want the item to be like the overflow type

The images are for articles. You can’t put images in the game.

button with granter

Well, never mind, then. Forget my idea.

no i want the items to appear on the ground not in inventory

Maybe put a barrier over an item spawner, and an invisible button in front of it so you can take it?

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spawner, cover bottom, invisible barrier

no but i want the item to disappear after you pick it up like the overflow item.

Well, then make the button deactivate the item spawner.

emoji in text, button pressed → hide

I’m planning on making like a loot crate

you can’t pick that up though

button pressed → grant item???

Maybe try using this guide?

Can you please explain clearly?

I know how that works. Do you know how if you have too many items it will appear on the ground where others can pick it up? I want the items in that state

I need to run some tests later for this, tell you later!

@potato1 I’m pretty sure you can use an IIM(Inventory Item Manager) to make an item have a limit and overflow with an item granter.